Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Christian Tissier Sensei on Aikido at the WMAM in Chungju

IAF facebook page:
Here is the message from the IAF Ambassador for Aikido at the World Martial Arts Masterships in Chungju, Christian Tissier 8th Dan Shihan!

He will also conduct an Aikido seminar on the 31st of August at this event in Korea. Furthermore, on the 1st of September, an Aikido Embukai with participants from various countries will be coordinated by the IAF in the spotlight of the Mastership.

”Hello! I am Christian Tissier, 8 dan Aikido. I am Ambassador of this discipline, Aikido, at Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships. Aikido is a Japanese martial art, as it is certainly known, and it is more than a defense system, it is an educational system. I have been practicing it for more than 55 years and I am still enthusiastic about it because there are no limits for becoming more human, in a certain way. So I work on the principles of attitude, spontaneity, generosity, respect of integrity, communication, economy. And all these principles make me search for movements that are as natural and flexible as possible. So come to Chungju, find Aikido, we will be present there, waiting for you all!”