Monday, May 13, 2019

IAF in international sporting bodies explained

As the older readers of Aikicosmos already know, Aikicosmos supports Doshu, Aikikai and IAF on their path spreading and promoting aikido around the globe. Today aikido has spread into about 140 countries. This is something that didn't happen accidentally. Through continues articles Aikicosmos has tried to bring to the viewers how this started, continued and will continue happenning. Of course there are still aikidoka who have a misunderstanding of this fact or little information of how these steps supposed to be taken correctly. IAF DC Chairman Mr. Kei Izawa Sensei posted on his personal facebook account few words, which I would like to transmit to the readers:

"Now that the SportAccord Convention is over, allow me to explain a bit about GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations). International Aikido Federation is part of GAISF since 1984. GAISF is the mothership of all the major sports federations and part of the Olympic family. This is the most prestigious international organization representing the majority of international sports federations and not only martial arts. The decision to join was made by Kisshomaru 2nd Doshu. You can find our IAF logo in the collage of logos representing the G mark. The Convention takes place once a year and all key players of sports gather in different cities every year. 2020 will in Beijing, China. Third year in row that is held in the Asia Oceania area. IAF is not only part of GAISF but also part of IWGA and AIMS, different subgroups. And of course we are part of the martial arts/combat sports group as well."