Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Revival of the European Aikido Federation

by International Aikido Federation (IAF)

The General Assembly of 17 members decided the revival of the European Aikido Federation. The representatives gethered together to sign the statute, in Almere/Netherlands. EAF is the prelongation of the IAF EU Funding Working Group.

The meeting was attended by Dojo-cho, Mitsuteru Ueshiba, as the representative of the Ueshiba Family.

Five observers from outside Europe were also present at the meeting.

Message from Mr. Kei Izawa, Chairman of the International Aikido Federation to the EAF members:

"Dear all in Europe,
I would like to congratulate for all making the first step in solidifying the foundation of collaboration. The EAF, under the guidance of Doshu and the Ueshiba family, with the help of you all, will have a bright future if all work to contribute for its success. Now that the framework is done, please focus on the contents for growth and collaboration of all the members. I am glad that I was a witness of this historic moment. Best wishes to you all.

Kei Izawa
International Aikido Federation